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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thanksgiving Dinner! (2004 style)

I feel left out because everybody is posting their Thanksgiving Dinner pics. Sadly, I did not attend my friend's dinner this year because I had too much homework (bleh). Sooooo, I'll just post some photos I have from last Thanksgiving:

Michelle and I cooked a fabulous meal for our friends (most of them have graduated!). I don't know if photos of only people are allowed but I really love the apron Michelle gave me so I'm posting this pic (also, our friend Katie made the apron that Michelle (left) is wearing):

(BTW, I'm taking lots of photos of all the things I've been cooking recently -- including the pumpkin bread that is in the oven right now! -- so there will be an explosion of photos from me after I install my camera software on the new computer!)



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